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வணக்கம் and Welcome 
Themes that we can work on:

My name is Umaa Thampu MBACP (accred). I am a qualified Gestalt therapist accredited by the BACP and I have been working independently in the field since 2012.

I deeply appreciate the courage and commitment required to embark on the therapeutic process.

Our emotions provide valuable information, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming. In therapy, having a dedicated reflective space will empower you to make sense of these emotions.

As therapist John Bradshaw wisely states, "Anger serves as a boundary that guards us. Fear advises us to proceed slowly and carefully. Sadness assists us in closure and recognizing that life involves profound farewells."


I find enrichment in private practice and enjoy the creative process which gives me an outlet as an author, educator, and group facilitator.  I create a nurturing environment that encourages curiosity and enhances creativity.


My goal is to help you tap into your inner wisdom, strengthen the connection between your mind and body, and overcome any obstacles blocking your path. My therapeutic approach includes trauma-informed practices and is rooted in body-centred awareness. I strive to curate insight into intersectional oppressions, recognising the complexities of individual experiences.


I find joy in being a dedicated volunteer at music festivals and I deeply value the supportive community from Queer culture and nightlife during a time of sudden, unexpected loss and finds healing in the power of friendships, music, and dance. Additionally, I facilitate seminars for organisations and therapeutic spaces.

1-2-1 Therapy

With a background of working with clients in diverse settings, my commitment lies in promoting well-being and fostering meaning in individuals. I create a space for curiosity and creativity, encouraging you to connect with your internal wisdom, strengthen the mind-body connection, and identify obstacles preventing the realisation of your potential. My goal is to shed light on the available options by providing a fresh perspective.

Couples'  Therapy

In this capacity, my role is to facilitate a transformative dialogue between two people, providing a pathway out of stagnation and conflict.

Collaboratively addressing your challenges can enhance communication, question perceptions, and break entrenched habits that may have developed over time. I specialise in working with various relationship stages, whether it involves navigating exploring :

  • Pre- marital counselling

  • Intimacy and Connection Building

  • Infidelity Recovery and Rebuilding Trust

  • Fostering a renewed understanding of each other

  • Parenting and Co Parenting Support

Writing and Group Work:

Furthermore, my ongoing initiatives include leading seminars focused on my published chapter, "The Power of A Name," featured in the BAATN Anthology, "Therapy in Colour," released in April 2023.

Therapy in Colour: Intersectional, Anti- Racist and Intercultural Approaches by Therapists of Colour.

Order your copy here. 

Group Work and Seminars .

I facilitate a series of immersive workshops where I include body awareness alongside mind expanding topics; Conflict management, The Challenge of Racism and exploring dynamics in Group Therapy.

These workshops are designed to empower participants, fostering personal growth and enhancing facilitation and interpersonal skills through group work.


Engaging in group work can be demanding, yet it proves to be the most efficient method for developing skills in the following areas:

  • Developing active listening and deepening understanding the theory of projection.

  • Grasping group relational dynamics.

  • Strengthening the ability to confront, assert, and negotiate within group settings.

  • Enhancing communication styles, particularly during challenging situations and conflicts.


Finally, I am committed to continuous professional development, adhering to the BACP Code of Ethics, and proudly hold membership in BAATN (Black, African, and Asian Network), aligning with their core values, ideology, and mission statement. 

For current updates follow me on Instagram or TikTok @Talk2Umaa 

UPCOMING EVENTS 2024 - Looking forward to working with future participants on various topics:
June 22nd 2024 "A Gestalt Perspective on Anger. Transforming Conflict into Connection- Part 2 Workshop June 2024.
Lost in Music - Part 2 Mental Health and The Music Industry. Watch this space or head to Instagram.
19 January Friday - BAATN Therapy in Colour Book Talk - Interview with Editorial Team and Seminar on my chapter, "Power of A Name" for colleagues at North London Group Therapy.
22 March Friday - Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Seminar, "A Gestalt Therapy Approach to the Darker and Lighter Sides of Family Dynamics."

11 April Thursday - Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh -

In Person Seminar:

"Differentiating between the Nuances of Fears and Anxieties In the Practice of Gestalt Therapy."

Awaiting Testimonials and Feedback - Fully Booked

20 April Saturday In Person Workshop 10am - 2pm - London Bridge. Fully Booked.
A Gestalt Perspective on Anger: Transforming Conflict into Connection. Fully Booked.
26 April, Lost in Music- myself and Julie Andrews MBACP (Accred) present an In Person Experiential 2 hour workshop followed by a dance party hosted by Anomalous Space, "Where is Your Head At? Mental Health and the Music Industry?" Fully Booked.

  • Anxiety

  • Blocks to Creative Process

  • Body Stress and Trauma

  • Cross-Cultural Themes

  • Healing the Emotional Impact of Racism and Intersecting Oppressions

  • Feelings of Isolation, Loneliness, and Solitude

  • Identity and Sexuality Exploration

  • Intimacy and Connection Building

  • Infidelity Recovery and Rebuilding Trust

  • Coping with Life-Changing Events

  • Understanding the Impact of Shadism on Self-Esteem

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Suicide Ideation Support

  • Stress Management, Including Burnout

  • Grief Work and Loss

  • Preparation for pre, post and Integration of Plant Medicine Journeys, Including DMT, San Pedro, and Ayahuasca Experiences.



How and Why Did You Become a Therapist?

My journey into therapy began during my time volunteering at a Sydney-based LGBTQIA+ charity. The inspiration I drew from this experience prompted me to embark on my therapy training, for which I am profoundly grateful.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

I have been dedicated to working with clients since 2012. This encompasses managing a local counselling service in Balham, lecturing at The Gestalt Centre- London and to the Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh. I have had the pleasure of conducting workshops for survivors of CSA in the Tamil community via ANBU UK.

What To Expect And What Is On Offer?

In my role, I strive to broaden your perspective by showcasing the multitude of options available. My practice is influenced by a profound respect for ancestral indigenous practices, incorporating Gestalt concepts, family constellations, inner child work and creatively adapting to neurodiverse needs.

Employing a trauma-informed lens, I am committed to ethical practices, recognising fixed Gestalts (habitual patterns) in relation to the enduring impact of social constructs. The aim of Gestalt therapy is to raise awareness. I walk alongside you, respecting your uniqueness as an individual.


The building is wheelchair accessible via a portable ramp at the front door and has access to all floors via a lift. Please let me know what your access needs are when we speak. There are steps leading to some meeting room. Dedicated accessible bathroom facilities are available on the First Floor, and the Refectory in the Basement is also fully accessible.

Next steps: 

As I am in session it is best to email me or complete the form below, and we can coordinate a time for a 15-minute complimentary Zoom introductory chat to assess whether I am the right counsellor for your needs.

Recent Group Work Facilitation 2024

me at north london group therapy.jpg

19 January 2024 - BAATN Therapy in Colour Book Talk -

Interview with Editorial Team and Seminar on Power of A Name at North London Group Therapy.

11 April Thursday 2024 - Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh.

In Person Seminar:

"Differentiating between the Nuances of Fears and Anxieties In the Practice of Gestalt Therapy."


Awaiting Testimonials and Feedback - Fully Booked

Pittsburgh photo.jpg

20 April Saturday In Person Workshop 10am - 2pm - London Bridge. A Gestalt Perspective On Anger: Transforming Conflict into Connection- Fully Booked


Testimonials from Anger Workshop Participants:

"Felt invigorated and connected to others which I needed after being ‘stuck’ with my practice! "

"This workshop has been a true catalyst, igniting a stronger curiosity to explore Gestalt. This workshop has been a game-changer!"

 "Thanks again for such a Powerful Introduction"

26 April Friday - Lost in Music- present an In Person Experiential 2 hour workshop:  


"Where is Your Head At? Mental Health and the Music Industry?"


Feedback forms coming in.....

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Book an Appointment

Get in touch and I aim to respond within 48 hours.



London Bridge - UK

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