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What areas do you specialise in?


People often find themselves confined to roles and habits, forming a habitual self as a means of survival.

Counselling offers the advantage of identifying emotions, understanding personal needs, and fostering effective communication, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life.

I specialise in helping individuals find meaning when faced with challenging emotions. I provide a fresh perspective on life's unexpected challenges, such as loss, family conflicts, workplace frustrations, or unlocking your untapped potential.


Recognising that there is no universal method or one-size-fits-all solution, I tailor my approach to meet individual needs.


Establishing a dedicated and consistent space to discuss your concerns deepens trust, cultivates positive rituals that enhance mutual understanding of each other's needs.

By identifying and addressing unhelpful patterns of behavior, conflicts can be reduced, leading to a repair from difficult circumstances. The work can include themes around demands of parenting, moving on from a betrayal of trust or the long term pressures of the fertility process.

I specialise in working with couples at various stages of their relationships, whether it involves navigating amicable endings, exploring intimacy issues, or discovering new ways to experience each other.


Recent events have highlighted the difficulties we have in communicating around difference and equality. I am the co-founder of 'Our Identity' with my colleague Darren Nelson MBACP(reg) we founded the organisation based on the discussions we were having as colleagues and since then have worked with Headstrong Counselling and Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh delivering bespoke workshops for their organisational needs.

Key benefits of working within a group it is a quick way for participants to locate innovation and motivation by observing others tackle similar challenges.

The exchange of ideas sparks creativity, leading to dynamic problem-solving and a broader understanding of how to work with conflict or interpersonal relationships.

These workshops provide a supportive network, breaking the isolation often associated with 1-2-1 personal development.


Participants gain valuable feedback, encouragement, and a sense of camaraderie, fostering a positive and empowering atmosphere.

Furthermore, the diversity of the co-facilitators alongside the group facilitates skill-building through observation and interaction, allowing individuals to learn from one another's strengths and weaknesses.

This collaborative learning environment can leads to a participants having a more well-rounded skill set.

Working in groups offers a holistic approach to growth and learning, leveraging the power of collective wisdom and support for a richer, more rewarding experience


Anxiety can be likened to a home fire alarm sounding without an actual fire. Living with feelings of being ungrounded, self-doubt, and engaging in punishing behaviors can be profoundly debilitating.


Our collaborative efforts will focus on identifying crucial aspects and gradually nurturing a more compassionate way of being over time.


Frequently, we tend to categorise emotions as either positive or negative. In therapy, we aim to eliminate these labels and grant permission for the full spectrum of feelings to coexist.


Anger, for instance, often signifies a boundary violation or emotional pain. Recognising that aggression is a natural aspect of being human, it serves as an indicator that something is amiss and a particular need is not being met.


If left unaddressed, these emotions may manifest in behaviors that outwardly express the internal distress, such as seeking solace in another drink, engaging in aggressive driving, or displaying impatience with our loved ones

Experiencing a shift from sudden alertness to exhaustion can be disconcerting, especially when the cause is unclear. I hold the belief that the body retains stress and trauma, consistently communicating with us.

I am committed to proceeding at your pace, fostering body awareness, and empowering you to cultivate self-soothing strategies. Additionally I offer non jargon language and resources such as Window of Tolerance and somatic exercises for grounding.

We meticulously plan for weddings and birthdays, acknowledging that death is an inevitable part of life. However, discussions around death are often shrouded in superstition and taboo.


I am here to help normalise and demystify this aspect of life. I firmly believe that open conversations about illness and death contribute to a fuller appreciation of the present.

Grief is a universal experience that touches everyone at some point. In our collaboration, we will delve into understanding the impact of the death—was it sudden, traumatic, or unexpected? Such circumstances can leave unresolved matters and evoke intense emotions. Together, we will explore the how, when, and why, providing a space for healing and understanding

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