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Summertime - A Closer Look at Depression.

Updated: May 17, 2020

Depression is paired with seasons and is typically linked with winter, the pressures of seasonal cheer and acknowledging the end of another year. Depression has many different forms and is unique to the individual. Signs to be aware of include feelings of heaviness, loss of libido, low self - worth and or suicidal feelings and actions. Relying on alcohol, food or porn can be information into level of pain you are experiencing. In this article, I would like to highlight summer as a catalyst for depression.

It is common for people to experience depression in summer as there is more space and time for it to come to the surface. Possible themes are summer holidays lead to some work places slowing down. Slowing down creates more space to think. Summer raises anxiety around holiday finances, child care needs and the impact on family relationships. Social media drives a sense of missing out, competition or not being good enough.

Depression has many facets and in my role I need to understand what does it look like? Therapy enables a deep dive exploration into the how and when depression has arrived and this supports an individual changing their perception, increasing their insight and having a sense of relief. Working with imagery helps make something which seems inexplicable more tangible. Once trust is in place, I aim to explore family history. Together drawing a timeline of significant events creates context and highlights areas of unfinished business. This also signifies traumatic events to be worked through and identifies that a person is made up of many parts and needs.

Working with inner child - naming needs that did not get met allows unexpressed grief or anger to be witnessed,normalised and to let go of. Depression is stereotyped by tears or judgement around being pathetic and “should be over it by now”. It is complex as it is a series of events and feelings and part of the work is examining anger, fury and rage. Luckily in therapy we remove labels around good or bad feelings or getting it wrong or right as this creates permission to express what you would really like to say.

Interestingly flare ups like IBS, psoriasis and eczema symbolise anger. Emotions are inextricably linked to the body. Our body is way ahead of the rational mind and will let us know when and what we need. It takes time to develop a more compassionate way of being and if you have any questions please do ask.

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